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My Favourite Image of 2016

I often get asked on what my favourite image is. Truth is, I don’t really have them, it’s like trying to pick your favourite song, there’s so many to choose, and you love them all for different reasons.

But if there was a photograph last year, that I believed sums up working in and around the UK scene in 2016, it’s this one of Mark Andrews, and this is why.

On the second day of a wrestling tournament weekend in the heart of Camden North London, I approached a weary Mark Andrews and asked if he could do a flip for me. Mark, having just wrestled in the first of three matches he had scheduled for that afternoon, took little time in saying ‘Yes’ and even less time performing a pitcure perfect somersault where he was standing.

I was quick enough to get a capture and was about to thank him, before he got in first and asked “Was that ok? do you want me to do it again?” This short exchange sums up my experiences in capturing the pro wrestlers of the Indy scene.

Giving, accomodating, friendly, personable, polite and selfless. It‘s what makes taking images of this business an absolute pleasure. Those who get it understand. Wrestling isn’t an indivdual pursuit, it’s a team sport.

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