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"Amazing. Real, real gorgeous work. I’m not afraid to say gorgeous because it’s gorgeous work!"

Colt Cabana

Art of Wrestling Eisode #237

"…never going to get anywhere in this business."

Ric Flair

16 time World Champion – May 2015

"Probably the best wrestling photography available"

Ricky Martin, (BBC Apprentice Winner)

Twitter - October 2014

"Reminds me of curry Fahouse wallpaper"

George Crowther

Facebook - October 2016

“Never fails to make me moist”

Jim Maitland

Facebook - January 2016

“… I am not sure that I like this picture, something is wrong and lacks … real character.”

Ian Dowland

Facebook - June 2015

“The talent of @Y2jimbob never fails to amaze me.”

Richard Penaluna - Calling Spots Editor

Facebook - April 2015

“What can I say a part from THE VERY BEST!.”

Daniel Crusher Curtis

Facebook - August 2014

"For those of you not already aware of Portrait of a Wrestler you should be.”

Facebook - September 2015

"Makes My heart skip a beat with his photos"

PolyAnna - Pro Wrestler

Twitter - January 2016

"As both an American and a massive dweeb, I find (Portrait of a Wrestler’s) photos to be quite tasteful wall decor."

Cristen @Wanda102

Twitter - March 2016

“His work is amazing. I felt the same, I couldn’t believe it was me!”

Erin Angel - Pro Wrestler

Twitter - January 2016

“Such talent with a lens.”

Jason Farmer

Facebook - June 2016

"Best portrait photographer I’ve ever seen. Not just in wrestling, but ever."

Oli Sandler

Facebook - January 2016

 Can’t wait to see the rest of these (Brixton images). These are the best wrestling photos going today!


Twitter - August 2016

Looks like a renaissance painting.

Rosie Scott

Facebook - June 2016

“Flawless photography. Makes me want to revisit the genre of professional wrestling I was such a fan of as a kid.”

Richard P Walton, Photographer

SWPP January 2015

…needs better lighting.

Burak Sezgin

Facebook - September 2015

still not a wrestling fan, still think these photos are amazing.


Twitter - July 2016

Your work is f*cking awesome. Just saying.


Twitter - August 2016

Sweet picture definitely saving it to my camera.


Twitter - September 2016

Really bloody good!!

Vicky Haskins

Facebook - March 2017

Normally I think, ‘there’s a photo of a wrestler.’ It’s not just a collection of photos, it’s a philosophy about photography in wrestling.

Paul Scrivens

"It’s technically beautiful."

Andrew Greening

Facebook - May 2017

I’ve ordered the sh*t out of this (SSS16Souvenir Book). Sounds like a great momento of an astonishing event.

Chad Young

Facebook - May 2017

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