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A Little Insight

Portrait Of A Wrestler started as a project to gain my Fellowship qualification.  As a Professional photographer this is the highest accreditation awarded and it takes a lot of dedication so has to be on a subject you love.  

I started that project in 2014, gained the qualification with the added bonus of winning 'International Fellowship panel of the Year and I am still shooting the Independent Wrestling Scene.  And I still love it. 

I continue to work with great names and great promotions.  The work is always evolving and I now work on filming and editing full video promos too.

Browse through the site, check out the store and follow on twitter / facebook to see recent work. 

9 flatliner
7 Kurtis_
10 ricky suave
8 phil
5 chuckie c
2 Doug
6 Jordan
11 Party Marty
3 Crusher
4 Guvnor
13 havoc 2
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